How to Obtain True Taco Literacy

The American taco is an extension of Mexican cuisine. This axiom is at the center of Jose R. Ralat’s American Taco. Specifically, in the introduction, Ralat resolves the question of authenticity, once and for all, “Everyone’s abuelita – Spanish for “Little grandmother” and angle code for “authentic Mexican cook” – prepared real Mexican food. It’sContinue reading “How to Obtain True Taco Literacy”

The Breakthrough Role

When we When we hear the phrase “Mexican actors” we usually think of Diego Luna, Salma Hayek, and Gael García Bernal. But in 2018, Yalizta Aparicio Martínez was added to the list for her revolutionary role in Roma. Aside from her stark performance in her debut film, Yalizta has received a lot of attention becauseContinue reading “The Breakthrough Role”

Tequila on the Sunrise

Like all good food and drink, tequila had a humble begging– starting with family distilleries, harvesting the coveted blue agave plant. And now it has expanded not only within Mexico but with big companies that were quick to pay attention to tequila’s rising popularity. Companies like Patrón, Don Julio, and Casamigos have all seemed toContinue reading “Tequila on the Sunrise”

Who are the Nahua?

Throughout this course on Taco Literacy, the Nahuatl language has been mentioned consistently. The language has attributed to many of the Mexican food words we know now, like ahuacatl (avocado) and tomatl (tomato). Therefore my curiosity about the people behind the language was piqued– who are the Nahuas? The Nahuas, also called altepetl, is oneContinue reading “Who are the Nahua?”

Corona Extra, Please

It seems like Americans love anything Mexican! This became evident in the 1980s when Corona Extra (this is its proper name), began to fly off the shelves. The demand in bars astonished bartenders and Americans created their own trend with the beer sticking a lime in the neck of the bottle. Today, Corona Extra canContinue reading “Corona Extra, Please”

International Mexican Restaurants

Mexican Food has spread to almost all corners of the world. There is a constant trend that as the demand for traditional food making decreases in Mexico, it increases in other countries miles away. Owners of restaurants like El Sombrero in Stockholm had to “recreate a small tortilla factory” (Pilcher 169). This is evidence thatContinue reading “International Mexican Restaurants”

A Word on Planet Taco

Usually, if someone mentions, their line of work is the Taco industry, they would laugh, and say that it’s “not a serious profession.” But Jerry M. Pilcher’s Planet Taco proves otherwise. Through his well-crafted words and fact-based delivery, Picher allows the reader to take tacos seriously. Compared to Taco USA, which has more of a journalistic approach, PilcherContinue reading “A Word on Planet Taco”

Intergalactic Tortillas

Mexican food in space? Absolutely! It has been found that tortillas are the perfect bread-like food to survive the pressure of space. Bread is unsuitable for space missions because when consumed, they produce crumbs that could possibly tamper with the equipment on board. Therefore, tortillas are a staple food on space missions. Astronauts, like ChrisContinue reading “Intergalactic Tortillas”

Mexican Food Explained

Gustavo Arellano’s Taco USA was a great way to familiarize yourself with Mexican food literature and history. He brings a proactive and vivid account of the impact of Mexican food on American Culture. With a journalistic background, Arellano’s inherent persuasiveness allow the reader to develop a respect for the pioneers of Mexican food. In otherContinue reading “Mexican Food Explained”

Wrong Title, Negative Effect

So, I was researching, look for articles on Taqueria Coatzingo, and I stumbled upon a very odd titled website post by the Gothamist called: “Ethnic Eating Adventures: Taqueria Coatzingo In Jackson Heights.” I would understand if it was called “Eating Adventures:…” but the “ethnic” part is quite alarming. I looked up ethnic, and it means,Continue reading “Wrong Title, Negative Effect”

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