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The Breakthrough Role

When we When we hear the phrase “Mexican actors” we usually think of Diego Luna, Salma Hayek, and Gael García Bernal. But in 2018, Yalizta Aparicio Martínez was added to the list for her revolutionary role in Roma. Aside from her stark performance in her debut film, Yalizta has received a lot of attention because she is the first indigenous woman to have an impact on the big screen. To be specific, when nominated by the Academy for Roma, she was the first indigenous woman from the Americas, to compete for Best Actress. Yalizta, from the state Oaxaca, and she used her role not only to accurately represent women doing domestic work but also to an activism campaign for better domestic worker rights. Yalizta has influenced people to fight for better treatment of domestic workers in their communities and has also given them hope for a better future. She has also been the source that has changed the way Mexico and the world see beauty. Books like Eating NAFTA, and Planet Taco, have both alluded to the idea that the indigenous people of Mexico are unfairly treated not only due to their skin color but also because of their antiquated foodways. I breakthrough actors like Yalizta are needed to remind others of not only where they come from, but also to remind them of who are the pioneers of their culture as a whole. People like Yalizta have been condescended and shunned, but as I have mentioned in a recent post, it seems like no matter how hard Mexico tries to separate themselves from their indigenous roots, it continues to backfire. This is because, Mexico’s history is rich, therefore the indigenous roots will can never truly be erased.

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