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About Authentic Taquería Only

Taco Literacy with Steven Alvarez

Spring 2020

Hey, I’m Nia, and welcome to Authentic Taqueria Only! For many years I have been a Mexican food enthusiast, and I am always on the lookout for the Mexican that stands out from the rest. Here you will discover the various foodway of Mexico while learning about their culture. I want this website to serve as an incentive for people of all backgrounds to celebrate our friends to the south. Indulge in everything, and even if you afraid to try new foods, I can guarantee that there is nothing to fear. Through various authors, like Gustavo Allerano, Jeffery Pilcher, Alyshia Galvez, and José Ralat, I want to exhibit the ways in which Mexican food can be analyzed and appreciated. I want this blog to serve as a source for people to not only find delicious food but to also acknowledge the people behind the food. With this ever-evolving world, there are many wonderful dishes that we have yet to discover. So take notes, enjoy, and enlighten your taste buds!

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