Tequila on the Sunrise

Like all good food and drink, tequila had a humble begging– starting with family distilleries, harvesting the coveted blue agave plant. And now it has expanded not only within Mexico but with big companies that were quick to pay attention to tequila’s rising popularity. Companies like Patrón, Don Julio, and Casamigos have all seemed to dominate this sector of the liquor industry. But it is always important to shed light on where and how the tequila phenomenon started: “9,580 feet atop Volcán de Tequila, were a spiky blue agave…supposedly exploded after being struck by lightning, and the Nahua tribe tasted the plant’s sweet nectar, which, both holy and blessed by Mayahuel, goddess of agave, became the spirit that would intoxicate the world: tequila” (Seal). Just like an epic-like story tequila was born. This description gives a strong impression that tequila is divine; almost as if the Mayahuel were responsible for giving the Nahua people the answer that they did not know they needed. Eventually, with the arrival of Spanish settlers, this very tequila would be used to welcome them to the New World. And hundreds of years later it would be the spirit of choice to put in a margarita. Though with all the popularity, we must remember the tequileros, the tequila makers. These specialists are tasked with harvesting the blue agave by chopping down the plant to its core (which looks like a giant pineapple). From there the agave cores are taken back the distillery to then be halved, roasted, fermented, distilled, and aged. Finally, with the finished product whether it aged for two months or three years, you can add to your very own tequila sunrise. 

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