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Authentic Taquería Only

Deep-diving into Mexican Culture and Food

Enlighten Your Tastebuds

My name is Nia Sawney, and I am a Mexican food enthusiast. For years I have been on the prowl for authentic and homely Mexican Food. I believe that the best Mexican cuisine comes from the people themselves. Without the passing down of certain recipes, the flavor and passion of this amazing cuisine will be lost. But have no worries– my hope is that this platform will encourage those with or without Mexican Heritage to appreciate and make food that conforms to the Mexican tradition. This blog is designed to not only share Mexican cuisine but also to remind the world to be respectful when making claims on another’s culture.

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How to Obtain True Taco Literacy

The American taco is an extension of Mexican cuisine. This axiom is at the center of Jose R. Ralat’s American Taco. Specifically, in the introduction, Ralat resolves the question of authenticity, once and for all, “Everyone’s abuelita – Spanish for “Little grandmother” and angle code for “authentic Mexican cook” – prepared real Mexican food. It’s…

The Breakthrough Role

When we When we hear the phrase “Mexican actors” we usually think of Diego Luna, Salma Hayek, and Gael García Bernal. But in 2018, Yalizta Aparicio Martínez was added to the list for her revolutionary role in Roma. Aside from her stark performance in her debut film, Yalizta has received a lot of attention because…


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“There’s one part of my house(s) that actually does not go from country to country, and that is the kitchen. It’s always Mexican.”

-Salma Hayek, Jimmy Kimmel Live

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